Walking As Healthy As Jogging

There's no need to run. Just going for a brisk walk - in the park, around the block or on a treadmill - is enough to help keep your heart healthy, a small study suggests.

The research indicates that just two to three hours of mild exercise a week can significantly cut the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The findings should encourage people who are reluctant to exercise, said Brian Duscha, the lead author of the research published in the October issue of the journal Chest.

"The classic question always is: What's the minimum amount I need to do to enjoy the benefits of it," Duscha said.

"If you just walk 12 miles a week at a brisk pace, it's scientifically proven now that you will get some benefits."

The conclusions are based on a study at Duke   University   Medical   Center of 133 middle-aged overweight sedentary men and women who were at risk for heart disease.
Dr. Robert Eckel, president of the American Heart Association, said the study supports what already is known: Moderate activity is certainly better than no activity.

"But being more fit would have an even better outcome long-term," he noted.