If the FDA were put in charge of the criminal justice system

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Satire: The top ten things we'd see if the FDA were put in charge of the criminal justice system

1. Telephone con artists who scam senior citizens out of their life savings would be put in charge of direct-to-consumer drug advertising. (Explanation: Senior citizens are being financially exploited by drug companies who use direct-to-consumer advertising to con people into asking their doctors for drugs they don't even need.)
2. All murderers would be set free as long as they carried a large warning label that said, "Warning: I may kill you." (Explanation: The FDA allows prescription drugs with fatal side effects to remain perfectly legal as long as they carry warnings that most people simply ignore.)
3. Convicted drug dealers would be given medical degrees and allowed to write prescriptions. (Explanation: The FDA and U.S. authorities aren't against all drugs, they're only against the drugs they can't control. Many prescription drugs are far more dangerous to the human body than marijuana, for example.)
4. Car thieves would be given new jobs stealing phytochemical discoveries from medicinal plants in the Amazon rainforest that could be patented and sold as monopoly drugs. (Explanation: Drug companies frequently exploit natural medicinal compounds in plants, then modify and patent them for manufacturing prescription drugs, even while discrediting the healing potential of the very same medicinal plants. Lovastatin, for example, was stolen from red yeast rice, a natural supplement that lowers LDL cholesterol. Ephedrine, the active ingredient in Sudafed, was copied from ephedra, a medicinal herb that has now been outlawed by the FDA even while Sudafed remains perfectly legal.)
5. All rapists would be given four years to run free before being taken off the streets, even though they were known to be dangerous. (Explanation: The FDA allows dangerous drugs to remain on the market for years, with hundreds of thousands of people being injured by them, before issuing a recall. Rezulin and Vioxx are just two of many such examples. Antidepressant drugs and statin drugs are probably next in line.)
6. Convicted white collar criminals and accounting fraud artists would be given top jobs at pharmaceutical companies. Unless, of course, they already work there. (No explanation needed.)
7. Drug smugglers would be shot on sight, but only if they are smuggling legal prescription drugs from Canada. (Explanation: The FDA continues to try to ban prescription drugs from Canada in the hopes of protecting the profits of U.S. drug companies. In one case, a bus load of American senior citizens was detained and searched by FDA employees for drugs. Not illegal drugs, mind you, but prescription drugs.)
8. All felons serving time in prison would be set free. Why? The FDA would claim that no particular felon could be considered dangerous, since all felons are dangerous. (Explanation: The FDA defends the safety of obviously dangerous drugs by explaining that all drugs are dangerous. Therefore, the thinking goes, you can't single out any particular drug as being especially dangerous, so they should all remain on the market. Bizarre logic, huh?)
9. All crimes would be declared legal, but only if committing those crimes generated revenues for powerful corporations. (Explanation: Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to commit all sorts of crimes against the public in terms of compromising public safety, lying to consumers in drug ads, and distorting drug trials to achieve a desired outcome. It's all allowed by the FDA, with virtually no regulatory response, as long as profits continue to flow.)
10. Free speech about health and medicine would be outlawed in a Senate bill sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch. After all, the FDA doesn't want people to be exposed to any "dangerous" ideas or information that might question the agency's authority. The list you're reading right now would be the first item to be outlawed, followed by a China-style internet filtering system that would suppress all non-FDA-approved text across the entire world wide web.
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This effort is dedicated to Dr. David Graham, a genuine American hero. As a chief drug safety researcher for the FDA, Dr. Graham has shown enormous courage and dedication to his professional responsibilities in standing up against the FDA and telling the truth about dangerous prescription drugs. Dr. Graham, if you ever get blackballed by the FDA and Big Pharma, just talk to Newstarget.com. We have lots of options for you... If you find this article interesting, be sure to also read 'The FDA Exposed: An Interview With Dr. David Graham, the Vioxx Whistleblower.'
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