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IAHF List:

I just returned from exhibiting and speaking on the Codex vitamin issue from
the PANLA Conference in Chambersburg, PA where I showed
Kevin Miller's documentary film "We Become Silent" both on my laptop at my
booth, and before a large audience in an auditorium where I also gave
perhaps the best talk I've ever given before a live audience.

I'll be getting copies of the audio tape of that talk for anyone who might
be interested and a DVD of it could also become available depending on
whether or not Creative Seminars of W.Hurley NY makes one or not as they did
film it also.

Greg Ciola of the Health Crusador has just published this Special Emergency
Codex Issue and I urge you to
not only read it, but please download it and get hard copies out to all the
health food stores in your area to help us keep building our base of


We just lost CAFTA by one single vote. When I ponder this loss, two things
gall me the most:

1) Senator Hatch turned his back on us and voted for CAFTA despite my making
a special trip to Washington DC to get my information directly to him and

2) Congressman Chris Cannon (R-Utah) also turned his back on us. Cannon
generated a "Dear Colleague" letter which directly countered the one
generated by Congressman Paul which supported our concerns. Cannon had been
lobbied very heavily against us by the pharma dominated vitamin trade
associations which are all of our ENEMIES.

Not long after Cannon released his "Dear Colleague" letter, a close
colleague of mine had an in depth conversation with someone on Cannon's
staff who now realizes that they screwed up.

They realize they were WRONG in what they said. The big question in MY mind
is whether or not they will be honest enough to RECANT or not? We'll see,
because I intend to PRESS them for an answer on this, Hatch also.

These people were put into office by WE THE PEOPLE of
America, and they are
here to serve US, and NOT the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations.
They're either going to play it STRAIGHT with us, and start HELPING us to
KILL FTAA (the NEXT big battle), or we're going to drive them the hell out
of office because they have ABANDONED their OATHS of OFFICE.

CAFTA is blatantly unconstitutional, and so is FTAA. Who the HELL do they
think they are? We not only have a RIGHT to demand answers, we have a DUTY
to ourselves and to UNBORN GENERATIONS of Americans. I, for one, REFUSE to
live under a world government. I realize from reading Stephen Ames excellent
and hard hitting essay "The American Hallucination- an Indictment of the
American Mind" that we ALREADY live
under one, but now they're trying to do away with even the PRETENSE that our
country in fact exists and that is unacceptable to me as is everything ELSE
about the New World Odor.


Several of you have forwarded alerts coming from the so called "Natural
Solutions Foundation" to me about domestic threats to DSHEA.

Natural Solutions Foundation went out of their way to pour cold water on our
ANTI CAFTA message. See "How Are You Going to
Keep Them Down on the Farm? Distract Them!"

IAHF reminds you that 96% of all bills that are introduced are NEVER passed
into law. The truth is that when we were in the midst of a huge TRIAGE
situation trying desperately to KILL CAFTA, NSF actively INTERFERED with our
efforts by MISDIRECTING PEOPLE by having them focus their attention on
several domestic bills that have no movement and which should have been
deemphasized at the time as by FAR the lesser of the evils confronting us.

Whats more, I predict that once legislation is introduced which will
threaten to shove FTAA down our throats, I bet they'll KEEP ON trying to
distract us in this same exact way, and the REASON I think they'll do this
is that they're a controlled opposition group.

IAHF is not ignoring ANY of these bills. At the PANLA Conference, I provided
the following handout which references them all and which directly
encourages action against them- but we need to keep things in perspective
when doing this health freedom work because TIMING is everything.

The Natural Solutions Foundation jumped into this movement at the 11th hour
and has served as nothing but a distraction. Its principals have major
connections within the Intelligence Community. Many of us in The Coalition
for Health Freedom including Kevin
Miller think they were sent in on us to try to sabotage our movement.

Here is what I disseminated on these bills at PANLA

SECOND: BILL WE SUPPORT……. To read any bill go to

Please call congress toll free via Capital Switchboard at 866-340-9279, ask
to be connected to your congressman’s office. If you don’t know who your
congressman is, give the operator your zipcode and you’ll be connected.
Please express OPPOSITION to the BAD bills listed below, and urge SUPPORT
for the good bills listed below. Congressmen can be emailed about these
bills via Senators can be emailed about them
Additionally please utilize the automated Cap Advantage site maintained by
The Coalition for Health Freedom (which IAHF is a member of at:


S.1042 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006   Senator
Durbin has offered an amendment (S.AMDT. 1379) to prohibit the sale of any
supplements containing a stimulant to be sold on a military installation or
in a commissary store, exchange store, or other store. More importantly, it
would also establish Adverse Event Reporting by supplement manufacturers.
The amendment is being held at the desk. On 7/27 it was returned to the
calendar. Durbin's amendment must be opposed when Congress reconvenes.

S.729/ HR 1507 Safe Food Act of 2005
Sen. Richard Durbin (Asst. Minority Leader for the Democrats) has
reintroduced SB729 under the pretext of the need for food safety protection,
thereby creating a new federal food safety agency. This is very dangerous
legislation for consumers of dietary supplements as it would repeal the
DSHEA Act of 1994, and if signed into law, as currently proposed, dietary
supplements would be reclassified and regulated like drugs. The companion
bill, HR 1507, was introduced by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. Both introduced
similar legislation at the end of the last Congress. This "Food Czar"
legislation needs your opposition.  See petition on NHF site at 1 cosponsor: Hilary

S.1137 To include dehydroepiandrosterone as an anabolic steroid   Would ban
DHEA. Sponsor: Senator Grassley, 3 Cosponsors Allen, Kyl, McCain

HR 3156 Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act Would gut DSHEA by
requiring an Adverse Reaction Reporting System for botanicals that could
enable FDA to unfairly ban any non vitamin dietary supplement without any
hard evidence that the dietary supplement caused harm. Would also establish
onerous and unecessary red tape burdens for manufacturers pertainining to
adverse reactions. Would allow Secretary of Health and Human Services to ban
a product on specious grounds if he had "determined that risks outweighed
benefits." Would raise the price and decrease the availability of many
herbal products. Sponsor:
Davis, cosponsors: Waxman and Dingell.


 HR 2352 Consumers' Access to Health Information Act it has no cosponsors,
it would allow full medical health claims to be made for dietary
supplements. Was introduced on May 12th. Would change the definition of a
drug to exempt dietary supplements from the definition if fully medical
claims were made in labelling about them.


Please forward this alert, and focus people's attention on where it belongs:
on killing FTAA the moment any bills are dropped, as one could be within the
coming year and we have to build our base or we'll just be defeated again as
we were with CAFTA. Also, never forward an enemies campaign and GRASP what a
controlled opposition group is and how it works.

Natural Solutions Foundation was created by 2 people with huge connections
within the Intelligence Community who made a huge effort to BLOCK my
participation in a conference in DC from which the Coalition For Health
Freedom was formed.

They FAILED to block my participation, but WASTED a huge amount of my time
and energy by trying very hard to, then at the conference they attempted
(unsuccessfully) to HIJACK our movement.

These people's connections within the Intelligence Community include
connections to the Rockefeller Family. Several of us feel that they were
sent in to try to steer our movement AWAY from focusing on CAFTA and the
spin they did against our anti CAFTA message really reflects this: See "How Are You Going to
Keep Them Down on the Farm? Distract Them!"

Their Intelligence Community connections can be seen here:
Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III
Social Diagram

Rima Laibow, MD
Social Diagram

Note connection with Laurance Spellman Rockefeller. Laibow has never come
clean as to what her connection is with the Rockefeller family. Bear in mind
that when her husband was active military he was in charge of all of Army
Intelligence. His reports were disseminated directly to the White House and
the CIA.

Did they play a role in causing us to lose the CAFTA battle?

Absolutely. So please stop forwarding their alerts, you're helping the other
side when you do. IAHF is not ignoring the domestic legislation arrayed
against us, but we ARE keeping it in the proper perspective and its very
clear that NSF has used these considerably lesser threats as major
distractions. Go ahead and call congress about them when they return if you
want, just keep in mind that 96% of all legislation thats introduced is
never passed into law, but CAFTA was something with a huge head of steam
behind it and NSF poured cold water all over our alert.


Candace and I are going canoeing in
Manning  Provencial  Park in BC, Canada to
recharge our batteries for the battle in the fall. Please forward this alert
and encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at We're staying focused on the big picture in order to
provide the information you need to chart a course out of the swamp.

For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Road
Point Roberts, WA 98281-8702 USA
800-333-2553 N.America
360-945-0352 World