A Letter to Congress regarding HR 254

I heard some disturbing news that some of your coworkers are trying to shove some measures down our throats that would conflict with my freedom of conscience and First Amendment Rights. I hope you put a stop to this sort of unAmerican activity.

You should sit your fellow workers down and read them the Constitution and Bill of Rights. A lot of the things they keep trying to do would be stopped right away, and we could focus on more important issues, which are many.

Your coworkers need to stop trying to turn America into something it is not. There are plenty of hate crime laws already on the books. Tell your coworkers to quit kissing up to special interests and get back to the Laws that made this country the best place to live.

Following is the canned message...

I ask that you vote AGAINST HR 254. This proposed bill is unnecessary. There are already laws to punish anyone who breaks the law for whatever reason. This billís primary purpose is to set the stage to punish and silence anyone who believes homosexuality to be wrong and harmful to society.

The religious freedom to follow oneís conscience and dictates of his or her heart must not be trampled on to appease a small group of homosexual activists who want to force acceptance of their behavior on the entire country.

Please advise me as to how you intend to vote on HR 254.